Cork Face Mask

$ 55.00


Suppress those respiratory recreations in style! 

Each Mask is made from Spanish cork fabric, the same as our bags. Cork is naturally antimicrobial. Which means they will not mold or mildew in the tropical Hawaiian climate like leather. Cork is a natural, sustainable, and 100% peta certified vegan textile. 


  • There are two wires and a strip of foam across the bridge if the nose that adds comfort and allows the mask to be molded to a range of face shapes/sizes.
  • 2 long, soft, and stretchy ties with clips. There is a little ring on each tie that allows you to adjust the length. Once it's set you can clip on and off without having to readjust the ties. 
  • The brass hardware is smooth and positioned to not rub against the face.
  • The shape of the mask allows for a gap between the mask and your face. Easy to breathe in, comfortable to wear.

Each Mask comes with two H600 Halyard Sterilization fabric filters. To sterilize the filters, place them in an oven at 165F (74C) for 30 minutes. DO NOT wash or bleach the H600 filters.

The cork Fabric masks can be spot cleaned with wipes or you can handwash them in a mild, non-abrasive detergent. Air dry only.

Halyard H600 spun polypropylene cannot be penetrated by water, bacteria, or particles. The fabric blocks 99.9% of particulates, making the fabric about 4% more effective at blocking particulate material than the N95 masks, according to Bruce Spiess, MD, a professor of anesthesiology in the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, who made that calculation based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

All sales are final. Unfortunately, due to hygiene concerns we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. 

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