Help Making Minor Changes to Logo + Adding to Template

$ 35.00

This is an add on option for people who have a logo already digitized in a VECTOR format that want some changes made. 

*This price includes placement on template ($15) and 1 hours of work. If your changes require more than 1 hour of work I will email you letting you know there could be additional fees.*

These would be small changes such as, altering placements of elements, font changes, and sizing adjustments. 

After receiving your confirmation email, click reply and attach your logo file. In the body of the email, please explain clearly all the changes you would like. 

Once we have finished the work we will send you a confirmation email showing completed artwork. You will need to approve the work. Then it will be placed on the template and sent to the manufacture. 

Need some help with your Logo and/or placement?

Digitizing a logo to vector + adding to template

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